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IMERYS produces bentonite widely used in drilling fluids as a viscosifier (or rheology modifier) and for fluid loss control. It is also used as an extender for oilwell cement.
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Our bentonite is a non-treated (or natural) sodium bentonite which meets the requirements of API specification 13A/ISO 13500 section 11 (OCMA grade). It used for its unique rheological properties: at relatively low concentrations, bentonite suspensions develop a yield stress and show strong shear thinning behavior.

Applications for Bentonite

As bentonite provides viscosity and gelling characteristic to water-based drilling fluids, so bentonite is used as a viscosifier to suspend weighting agent and cuttings.

Bentonite clay is also used as a filtrate reducers to decrease fluid loss from a wellbore fluid, forming a thin tough filter cake.

In oilwell cementing, bentonite is used as an extender to increase the viscosity of oilwell cement slurries prior to down-well injection.

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