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Custom Processing

IMERYS offers you its large particle processing capacities and its strong experience in processing a vast portfolio of minerals to complete your product development.
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Custom Processing

Imerys processing and testing capcities

Many conversion processes are unique to Imerys. The Group has designed specific facilities for fine grinding, purification by physical or physical-chemical separation, particule size manipulation, improvements in chemical purity and efficiency, surface treatments, conversions to dispersions, drying, sintering and calcination.

A large experience in minerals processing for product development

Our technologists have experience of processing over various industrial minerals and can apply this knowledge to toll produce materials to clients specifications. For example, Imerys has developed antiblock materials for specialist films, high density oilfield weighting materials, specialist surface treatments of minerals for pharmaceutical applications, aqueous dispersions of mineral, strength enhancers for oilwell cementing andodifications to chemical nature of minerals to increase their ion exchange capabilities.

Service available

Any company that has a use for industrial minerals, finely pulverised powders, granulated powders, slurries or coated powders, etc, may require toll processing or particle processing assistance to produce a specific raw material for their own process or for sale to their customers.

Imerys can meet its client’s demands, whatever their size: below tonne quantities, tens of tonnes, hundereds of tonnes and thousands of tonnes depending on the specific job in question.

Customer requests are treated confidentially on a case by case basis. Our team will determine how the product will be made, what staff and equipment will be required and how long it will take.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs.

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