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Drill-in Fluids

IMERYS produces a range of ground carbonates powders with an high acid solubility. These carbonates are perfectly adapated for reservoir drill-in fluids applications.

Drill-in Fluids

drilling flluids

Reservoir drilling or ‘drill-in’ fluids are specially designed to minimize formation damage when drilling into the reservoir section or ‘payzone’. These fluids need to form a filtercake which is external to the formation and which can easily be removed during the completion phase. Carbonates are a key component of drill-in fluids, as they can be carefully sized to bridge the formation pores and prevent migration of particles into the reservoir, and can then be removed with either acid or chelants at a later stage.

Our solution

Our large portfolio of carbonates (marble or limestone-based calcium carboantes and dolomite) is perfectly adapted to reservoir drill-in fluids. All of our products are highly acid-soluble, and due to the large range of particle sizes available they provide excellent bridging agents for a wide range of formation types.

You can customize your fluids considering the formation pore holes, to find your adapted product in our large portfolio, go to our carbonates page.

All of our products are supported by a high standard of technical service and research and development from a team of highly experienced scientists and specialists.

For products tailored to your needs, using our minerals or other minerals, Imerys have a highly qualified team and many years of experience in minerals processing to meet your demand.

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