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Simulated Drill Solids

With its extensive reserves in Europe, USA and Asia Imerys is one of the major supplier of kaolin and ball clay. Hymod Prima is a UK sourced ball clay used as simulated drill solids.

Simulated Drill Solids

simulated drill solids

During the design of a drilling program or any laboratory evaluation of drilling fluid formulations, it is important that the fluids being tested be representative of drilling fluids used in real situations. For this purpose they are ‘hot rolled’ for extended periods at a suitable temperature, and material must be added to them to simulate the loading of highly-dispersed and ultrafine drill cuttings that will build up in the fluid over the course of a drilling operation. The majority of formations encountered during the drilling of the overburden are shales, so the material used to simulate these must be of similar composition.

Our solution

Hymod Prima is composed of expandable and non-expandable clay particles and quartz particles, which give it a close resemblance to the typical shale formations encountered during drilling. It is therefore an ideal material for use as simulated drilling cuttings for drilling fluid evaluation, and is well established as a standard in many drilling fluid laboratories around the world.

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