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IMERYS metakaolin is manufacture pozzolan for increasing the strength and reducing the permeability to liquids and gases of hardened oilwell cement
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Metakaolin is obtained by calcining and micronising a kaolinic clay. It is an amorphous non-crystalline material.

Metakaolin is a highly reactive pozzolanic material produced by the controlled thermal activation of selected clays

Applications for Metakaolin

Metakaolins are used in oilwell cementing as pozzolan to improve the compressive and flexural strength of the hardened cement. Metakaolin also reduce the hardened cement permability to liquids and gases.

As well as improving strength, they also provide cement extension, as their contribution to slurry viscosity allows highr water/cement ratios to be used without the development of free water.

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Reactivity (Chapelle test, mg Ca(OH)2/g) Manufacturing country
UK France USA Ukraine
950 - 1050 MetaStar 501 Argical M1000

Argical M50S (slurry)

MetaStar 501 [MK]
>1100 Opacilite Argical 1200S    

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