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Strength Retrogression Reducers

IMERYS is a producer of silica flour which is used for the prevention of strength retrogression of Portland cement above 230°F.

Strength Retrogression Reducers

strength retrogresion reducers

Hydrated Portland cement undergoes a slow phase transition above 230°F in which the calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) gel phase reacts with calcium hydroxide and  is transformed into crystalline dicalcium silicate hydrate (α-C2SH) which is much weaker. This process is known as strength retrogression. However, in the presence of excess silica it does not occur. Silica flour is therefore added to oilwell cement formulations for wells in which the bottomhole static temperature (BHST) is near or above 230°F to prevent it.

Our solution

Our silica flours are ground to a particle size distribution similar to oilwell cement,  which ensures optimum reactivity without generating excess viscosity.

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